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Easy Vodka Drinks, Popular Mixed Drinks & Classic Cocktails with Vodka

Popular Mixed Drinks & Memoirs. Easy Vodka Drinks & Classic Cocktail Recipes, Gleaned from Adventures Around the Globe. Welcome to My Cocktails With Vodka.


There is a fantastic collection of Easy Vodka Drinks for everyone, however if you're are looking to make some serious impressions, our Classic Cocktail Recipes might be for you. If you're unsure, have a look through our most Popular Mixed Drinks!

You've come this far, maybe your willing to go a little further.  If you take the step, step cautiously. Our story teller has been to some far away places, seen some far from ordinary things and has lived through some mysterous events...  Now he regails his encounters with all things Vodka, his one true constant throughout his endeavours.

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